Guidelines (also Travel guidelines)

Meeting team members, visiting offices

You can always visit one of our offices. Be it Berlin or Erlangen or a trip to our headquarters in Treppendorf. If it's for day-to-day work, we recommend to commute to your closest office. If it's for onboarding, workshops, or other events with a higher purpose than "just work," there are no restrictions.

Be it through travel or remotely, make sure to connect your team members regularly. Schedule coffee calls or have lunch together. We encourage you being you and making friends out of your colleagues.

Team event budget


  • each team member should participate in up to two team building events per year (excluding events like yearly kickoff or open space).
  • an event can be organized as a team, a unit, or a community, since not every person in our organization is part of a regular team.
  • look left and right when organizing an event. Is there somebody working closely with you who’s maybe lacking a team? Invite them!
  • we provide 100€ per person two times a year.
  • use it with your team/unit/community for team building, onsite retros, dining, lasertag etc.
  • not included in the 100€: travel & accommodation. Book your train and hotels as usual and fill out the travel expense tool.


  • Activities must be requested at least 14 days in advance.
  • Fill out the activity request form. You can find it pinned to the #slackcast channel.
  • Choose an activity manager for this event from your announced team.
  • Booking, reservation and payment of the Team Activity is done by the Orga-Team (Mateja + Meike).
  • Exception: restaurant visits with hospitality receipts. Unfortunately, restaurant visits cannot be paid in advance. That is why the Activity manager lays out the amount. The Activity manager then submits the hospitality receipt to the Orga-Team for payment after the event. Attention: Always ask for a hospitality receipt (Bewirtungsbeleg) at the restaurant. This is necessary for the payback. For the reimbursement send a scan of your receipt to accounting directly after the team activity has taken place. Thereafter, you are required to hand over the original hospitality receipt in paper form to the persons in charge in the offices Erlangen and Berlin or send it per mail. You can find the current person in charge in Confluence in the Sites, Teams & Contacts section of the space.
  • Train and hotel bookings will be made as usual after the Team Activity booking has been completed.
  • Time tracking: put 10h of traveling into Kenjo or ask Lisa to put it in qtime (for Thomann GmbH employees).
  • Once you had a great time, share 1-2 photos and a short description for everyone in #slackcast

Travels (booking and reimbursement)

Rules for train booking

  • you have to book the train tickets yourself
  • only 2nd class tickets
  • choose Sparpreis tickets (not Flexpreis; Sparpreis is a good choice, because one still has the option to cancel the train ride, while that is not possible with Super Sparpreis)
  • If possible, try to avoid traveling on Fridays. It’s a heavy commute day, therefore the probability of train delays and failure is higher. If you cannot avoid traveling on a Friday, please book a Flex Ticket one way. It’ll give you a little more flexibility with trains.
  • always book a seat as well
  • we strongly advise you to plan your trip well in advance to avoid high ticket costs and think your traveling plan through in order to avoid cancellation fees

Travel expenses reimbursement tool

After the trip you will submit the tickets for reimbursement through the travel expenses reimbursement tool. All travel means apply - train, bus, taxi, flights, public transport - as well as travels by car and parking.

Link to the tool

For all employees of Thomann GmbH (the Headquarters) or partner companies (eg. Datadice, Sunlab, Coding Pioneers), the rules of the respective company apply. The reimbursement tool is not meant for their use.

Meal allowance (Verpflegungsmehraufwand)

The daily meal allowance (Verpflegungsmehraufwand) only applies to travel with overnight stay. Please enter an honest count of the meals that have been paid for by the company (either through the hotel booking or team dinners, company events and alike). If all three meals in a given day have been provided to you by the company, you are not entitled to the meal allowance for that day.

Hotel bookings

Hotels will be selected and booked by the Orga-Team. The hotels are always booked with breakfast. Please inform the Orga-Team by email about your business trip. You can find the current persons in charge in Confluence in the Sites, Teams & Contacts section of the space.

The following information is needed:

  • Place
  • Date (arrival and departure)
  • Note if no breakfast is required
  • Possible allergies or other requirements (for example air conditioning in the summer, working desk in the room,...)

If possible, send hotel booking request to Orga-Team two weeks in advance.

Working time

Working hours and travel times are accounted for as a maximum of 10 hours. If the working hours including travel times are less than 10 hours, only the actual time value can be logged in the time tracking system.

Exception for car travel Here, the working time and the travel time must be logged separately. Please also enter the actual time value here. Here the working time may also be max. 10 hours. But the car journey is added on top and therefore a working day including the journey can have more than 10 hours.

Holiday / vacation

You can take a vacation as spontaneously as you like - but keep the following rules in mind:

  • Get the "go" from your lead person & team early on.
  • Plan ahead. If possible: plan your vacation at least one iteration in advance.

Do not forget to

  • Communicate your vacation to your team.
  • GmbH: submit your vacation to kenjo.
  • Thomann GmbH: write to the person in charge of filing your vacation days. You can find the current person in charge in Confluence in the Sites, Teams & Contacts section of the space.
  • Set your absence note and add it to the vacation calendar.
  • Make a vacation handover. You are responsible for ensuring that all tasks and issues have been handed over to your team.
  • Cancel your appointments.

Sickness / Absence


  • Send a message to your lead person (before the daily).
  • Cancel your appointments on that day.
  • Let your lead person know when you’re back.
  • If you are absent for a longer period of time, make a handover with your team if possible.


The submission of the AU (certificate of incapacity for work):

  • GmbH: upload a photo of the AU in kenjo after day 3.
  • Thomann GmbH: you are obligated to provide an AU at day 1. Send a scan to the person in charge of AUs and the original per mail. You can find the current person in charge in Confluence in the Sites, Teams & Contacts section of the space.