Your unit is your homebase. Currently, our whole structure is in transformation to become more product- and data-driven. Units like data or people and culture functions as service teams alongside our product teams. Communities form to follow missions apart from our product vision.


Home to: engineers, engineering managers, testers, qa managers

Lead by: engineering lead


Home to: data analysts, data scientist, business intelligence analysts

Lead by: data lead


Home to: devops engineers, system administrators

Lead by: operations lead

Our devops engineers and system administrators make sure that the infrastructure and systems that run our webshop are stable and performant. They collaborate with our software engineers to provide a reliable environment and deployment infrastructure. Our systems include on-premises hardware as well as Cloud services and run not only our webshop but around 35 other websites and hundreds of services and tools our specialists keep operating.

People & Culture

Home to: recruiters, people & culture managers, employer branding people

Lead by: people & culture lead

Product Development

Home to: product owners, feedback hub managers, agile coaches, scrum masters

Lead by: product lead (owns thomann.de and our app), people lead product development

Our POs carry our customers’ voices into the product teams and prioritize what the next important thing in our backlog will be. They regularly connect with feedback hub managers to figure out which customer feedback will make it past the ideation phase through user research and data analyses. Our agile coaches take care of creating environments for our teams to perform well and play an essential part in organizational development.


Home to: business administration, finance people, back office

Lead by: bizad & finance lead


Home to: ux concepters, ui designers

Lead by: uiux lead