Your unit is your home base. Currently, our whole structure is in transformation to become more product- and data-driven. Units from similar areas report to one director (product, data, technology, organization) to provide a scalable structure.

Scale & leads

Some units are already large enough to have their own lead persons. There might be different factors to be taken into account when creating a new lead role for a unit:

  • the amount of team members working in a unit
  • the complexity of the topic a unit covers
  • how the unit has grown over the years

Current state

The current state of units might be a little confusing or overwhelming, especially when you're new to the organization. We're adjusting as we grow and, where possible, try to go the established standard ways of tech organizations.

In the meantime, you will find that our data unit is structured in squads, that talent acquisition & people operations report directly to the director organization. You will find that some parts of technology, e.g. shop and operations, are units of their own, whereas quality engineering or the architects aren't.

But don't worry. It sounds more chaotic than it actually is. Every team member knows their go-to person and whom to contact regarding challenges, growth, and career development.