Once our all-hands meeting, we started in April 2023 with an asynchronous format. For us, this has the following advantages:

  • Watch it, whenever you have time
  • Watch it at your speed and take brakes whenever you like
  • Communicate information, even if you can't make it to this one appointment a month
  • Higher density of information due to skipping the "shared presentation video call awkwardness"

The Assembly consists mainly of these parts:

  • Thomann GmbH company information
  • Updates from product, data, and tech (i.e. what does not fit their review sessions)
  • organization updates (i.e. newbies, leavers, communities, badges, events)

The Assembly (video & slides) is posted to #announcements in the second week of the month. If there are questions to any of the Assembly's topics, use the post's thread. An answer will be provided there.

Important: watching the Assembly is mandatory because it contains relevant information for every team member. Watch the Assembly in the month it has been published.

In #announcements you find all previous Assemblies bookmarked as well.

Contributing to Assembly

Here are some best practices to make your contribution to the Assembly easy to consume by all team members:

  • Record a video and also provide slides that can transfer your message without having to watch the video
  • Videos should have a second of silence in the beginning and the end. This helps to have smoother transitions in post-production
  • Write some bullet points down before recording your video. This helps to create a cohesive message and to not forget anything important
  • When sharing your screen, especially when it's a presentation, make sure you share the presentation mode window
  • Topics should be as short and concise as possible and by no means exceed 5 minutes in length
  • Directly edit the Assembly presentation and add all your slides there. This also helps to figure out where to put your video in post-production
  • All videos should be stored in the YYYY-MM-videos folder (e.g. 2023-09-videos) in the Assembly shared drive
  • When recording a video, make sure you have a quiet environment and are close to your microphone