Once our all-hands meeting, we started in April 2023 with an asynchronous format. For us, this has the following advantages:

  • Watch it, whenever you have time to
  • Watch it at your speed and take brakes whenever you like
  • Communicate information, even if you can't make it to this one appointment a month
  • Higher density of information due to skipping some of the "shared presentation video call awkwardness"

The Assembly consists mainly of these parts:

  • Thomann GmbH company information
  • Updates from product, data, and tech (i.e. what does not fit their review sessions)
  • organization updates (i.e. newbies, leavers, communities, badges, events)

The Assembly (video & slides) is posted to #announcements in the second week of the month. If there are questions to any of the Assembly's topics, there are two ways to ask:

  • Use the post's thread. An answer will be provided there.
  • Join the Assembly Q&A session, Thursdays after the video is posted and ask there. Questions and answers will be documented in the post's thread.

Important: watching the Assembly is mandatory because it contains relevant information for every team member. Watch the Assembly in the month it has been published.

In #announcements you find all previous Assemblies bookmarked as well.