Internships in other departments of Thomann are possible at any time and explicitly desired. Possible departments are logistics, hotline, store, purchasing, etc.

Why would I do that?

  • Take a look behind the store development
  • Get to know other colleagues, departments and working methods
  • Understand the company, processes and procedures better
  • See what our customers do outside the store but also tell others what we are working on at and how we do it
  • Alignment: that we want the same as everyone else: Inspiring and enabling all people to speak music, everywhere.


  • Talk to your manager about a suitable internship timeframe (e.g. when your team's workload is low)
  • Reach out to P&C with your agreed timeframe
  • P&C will connect you with the internal contact or coordinate with Thomann, if required
  • The assigned contact person will help to organize and coordinate the internship

For any questions, contact P&C. They look forward to supporting your internal internship.

After everything is organized, you take care of your travel to the headquarters.