as an organization itself integrates into Thomann Universe just as any other department would. functions as Thomann’s tech and data department.

Besides us, there are many other departments, e.g. marketing, logistics, purchase management, sales, customer care, hr, audio professional, etc.


  • Chief digital officer: Dr. Christian Maaß
    • BizAd & finance lead: Meike Langer
    • Managing director & director product: Jöran Eitel
      • Product lead: Jöran Eitel
      • Design lead: Fabian Truxius
    • Director engineering: Daniel Hauck
      • Engineering lead: Daniel Hauck
      • Operations lead: Stefan Stammler
    • Director data: Arman Savuk
    • Director organization: Ralph Cibis
      • Culture lead: Ralph Cibis
      • Team lead talent acquisition and people operations: Reza Zaroque
      • Lead agile coach: Dominic Burucker

Units from similar areas report to one director to provide a scalable structure. Leadership shall be seen and interpreted as a service we provide for all our employees.

Responsibility and accountability


Responsibility refers to the obligation or expectation to perform a task or role within a specific context. It is the duty to complete an assigned task or fulfill a particular function. Responsibility can be shared among multiple individuals, and it can change as the situation evolves.


Accountability, on the other hand, is the state of being answerable for the outcomes or results of a task or role. It implies that an individual, team, or organization is held liable for their actions and decisions. Accountability cannot be delegated or shared; it is always assigned to a specific person or entity, who must own the consequences of their actions, whether positive or negative.