Units, Teams and Communities

Our roles at thomann.io are clustered in different units. Each unit provides different roles. They all assembly in product teams, service teams, or communities. Each team has free choice about their means of work and process frameworks, as long as they contribute value for our customers in regular, short iterations.

General Structure

General Structure of thomann.io


Lead people report directly to our CDO (chief digital officer). The managing director of thomann.io reports to our CDO.

  • Chief digital officer: Dr. Christian Maaß
  • Managing director thomann.io: Jöran Eitel
  • Engineering lead: Daniel Hauck
  • Data lead: Arman Savuk
  • Operations lead: Stefan Stammler
  • People & culture lead: Ann-Kristin Casper
  • Product lead: Julia Manger
  • People lead product development: Ralph Cibis
  • BizAd & Finance lead: Meike Langer
  • UIUX lead: tba

Zooming out

thomann.io itself integrates into Thomann Universe just as any other department would. thomann.io functions as Thomann’s tech and data department.

Besides us, there are many other departments, e.g. marketing, logistics, purchase management, sales, customer care, hr, audio professional, etc.