#prod-review is used by all teams that will present something new to everybody (colleagues, stakeholders, customers). Reviews take place every week. You are invited by default and each session is open to join for everybody. Each product team has a 30 to 60 minute slot to show the last weeks’ progress and share thoughts with stakeholders and colleagues from other teams. It is the responsibility of all product teams to prepare the review, invite stakeholders and update all non-attending team members on what’s been shared.

In order to help you with creating reviews that are informative and have the right scope here are some guidelines (not rules) for creating a good team review:

  1. Give a brief intro to topics: why is your team working on this topic? What’s the value of it?
  2. Tie lines of code to value, keep code low and focus on the value. This doesn't mean don't show code, it just means keep it on a certain level of detail.
  3. Involve the audience when possible. If you can, pose questions to the audience or encourage them to give feedback.
  4. Take some time in the teams for preparation. Your team is 100% enabled to take time for preparation, 5 minutes before team review may be too short.

Reviews are also recorded and shared afterwards through the respective Slack channel.