Our philosophy about tools - new or current

As for everything we do, structure follows strategy. Our tools have to contribute to solving our day-to-day challenges and not be challenges themselves.

Introducing new tools

  1. Check, if we already have a similar tool in use, or already an account with the tool you'd like to introduce. This can be done with the finance/BizAd people.
  2. If there's a new tool you need for a project make sure it is GDPR-compliant. It might be necessary to have a contract data processing.
  3. Next it is mandatory to request a company-owned account from tooling@. After they created an account, they will provide access to you. It is not allowed to store company-related data in a personal account.
  4. Make it viewable for every stakeholder of your project, e.g. other team members, people from other Thomann departments. Viewable should also mean secure: protect the link with a password where possible or create user/guest accounts. This will help us to protect data and control who has access.


Kenjo is our people and culture tool. It's used for all people-related tasks:

  • requesting vacation
  • calling in sick
  • setting and tracking unit/community/team/personal goals
  • download paychecks
  • etc.