Our philosophy about tools - new or current

As for everything we do, structure follows strategy. Our tools have to contribute to solving our day-to-day challenges and not be challenges themselves.

Introducing new tools

  1. Check, if we already have a similar tool in use, or already an account with the tool you'd like to introduce. This can be done with the finance/BizAd people.
  2. If there's a new tool you need for a project make sure it is GDPR-compliant. It might be necessary to have a contract data processing.
  3. Next it is mandatory to request a company-owned account from tooling@. After they created an account, they will provide access to you. It is not allowed to store company-related data in a personal account.
  4. Make it viewable for every stakeholder of your project, e.g. other team members, people from other Thomann departments. Viewable should also mean secure: protect the link with a password where possible or create user/guest accounts. This will help us to protect data and control who has access.

Change Blog

We use an internal blog to communicate our most recent releases, engineering updates, and strategy information. It's available for team members and everybody in the headquarters to stay up to date with what we're doing. We recommend our team members to subscribe to it by email.


Kenjo is our people & culture tool. It's used for all people-related tasks:

  • requesting vacation
  • calling in sick
  • setting and tracking unit/community/team/personal goals
  • download paychecks
  • etc.