Communities are team members that work on a shared mission. Every team member can join or create a community. They can exist for a long time (e.g. uiux, branding, or poac) or just for a few days or weeks (e.g. to organize a team event). This also means, that this page might not be super-up-to-date.

Example Communities

Strategy community, user research, agile community, bizad community, security community

Always room for more ideas

Make up your own community! If you have an idea, found a community:

  • create a public slack channel (private only, if it's really REALLY necessary)
  • send an @channel message in #announcements to inform everyone about your community and its mission
  • add the community to this section of the employee handbook
  • get started on your mission

Important note: make sure that participating in a community doesn't block you in your current role (e.g. engineer in a product team). Be transparent about it and check with your team and lead person, if you think the team's performance might decrease.