Communities are team members that work on a shared mission. Every team member can join or create a community. They can exist for a long time (e.g. uiux, branding, or poac) or just for a few days or weeks (e.g. to organize a team event). This also means, that this page might not be super-up-to-date.

Strategy Community

This community syncs all lead people with our CDO. It reports on ongoing yearly objectives and makes strategic decisions for aligned with objectives from Thomann GmbH. The community meets weekly.

UIUX Community

This community creates a general look & feel for our customer-facing channels. While ui designers are part of our product teams, it's important that they have a place to sync and work on a shared design system.

POAC (product owners & agile coaches)

This community brings together our product owners and agile coaches. It's a safe space to exchange about team topics and learn from another. This community follows the Vegas rule and currently does not allow lead persons. The community meets biweekly.


This community takes care of our employer branding. Cyberpunk style and stickers? All by them. The community meets biweekly.

CoP Agile

This community talks about agile and the world around it. Even if you're not working with us, you can join and participate. The community meets every 3-4 weeks and usually invites external guests. If you're interested, just email to


This community takes care of becoming

Lead community

This community syncs all lead people twice a week.


This community takes care of creating onboarding guidelines, appraisal interview templates, training options for team members, and the handbook.

Always room for more ideas

Make up your own community! If you have an idea, found a community:

  • create a public slack channel (private only, if it's really REALLY necessary)
  • send an @channel message in #announcements to inform everyone about your community and its mission
  • add the community to this section of the employee handbook
  • get started on your mission

Important note: make sure that participating in a community doesn't block you in your current role (e.g. engineer in a product team). Be transparent about it and check with your team, if you think the team's performance might decrease.