Different pieces of information and a different density of content needs to be shared between various roles. Therefore, this page provides some guidelines on how to address different people and groups in the company.

If you're addressing a huge audience, e.g. the complete team, think about how to share information. It might make sense to create a handbook entry or a confluence page and just refer to it in a Slack channel.

If you're addressing stakeholders or higher management, it can be helpful to use a presentation or just share bullet points, and provide more information through a discussion.

If information is interesting for engineering or data people, it might be cooler to share them within a repository, e.g. how to set up and run an application. But think about dependencies: the more an application has, the better it might be to give an overview through a detailed confluence page.

Some people or groups from the headquarters are best reached via email or telephone. When calling or meeting, make sure to send around some minutes afterwards.