Career paths

Each unit offers two different career paths and a lot of different roles.


You like to dive deep into the rabbit hole of your expertise area? Awesome! You can advance your skill set in your subject area and become an experienced senior, some units might also offer staff level positions.


You like to lead and enable people? You love to see them become experts? Great! You can grow into a management role and help your team to become empowered. One thing to keep in mind here: taking over a management role might take some time. We're not growing in lightspeed as a company. Therefore, it can take some time for a new management position to be available.

Important note: No matter on which path you decide, there will be no monetary differences. The pay ranges will be similar based on your seniority and your experience within

Changing roles: If you’re unhappy in your current role, just talk to your lead. If you see a role on our jobs page that might be a fit for you, just apply. It’s as simple as that.