Meeting team members, visiting offices

You can always visit one of our offices. Be it Berlin or Erlangen or a trip to our headquarters in Treppendorf. If it's for day-to-day work, we recommend to commute to your closest office. If it's for onboarding, workshops, or other events with a higher purpose than "just work," there are no restrictions.

Be it through travel or remotely, make sure to connect your team members regularly. Schedule coffee calls or have lunch together. We encourage you being you and making friends out of your colleagues. Check the travel guidelines for further information.

Remember, we are a remote first company and even if traveling for yourself might be easy, some team members may have long train rides or even have to take a plane.

Working time

Working hours and travel times are accounted for as a maximum of 10 hours. If the working hours including travel times are less than 10 hours, only the actual time value can be logged in the time tracking system.

Exception for car travel Here, the working time and the travel time must be logged separately. Please also enter the actual time value here. Here the working time may also be max. 10 hours. But the car journey is added on top and therefore a working day including the journey can have more than 10 hours.

Holiday / vacation

You can take a vacation as spontaneously as you like - but keep the following rules in mind:

  • Get the "go" from your lead person & team early on.
  • Plan ahead. If possible: plan your vacation at least one iteration in advance.

Do not forget to

  • Communicate your vacation to your team.
  • GmbH: submit your vacation to kenjo.
  • Thomann GmbH: write to the person in charge of filing your vacation days. You can find the current person in charge in Confluence in the Sites, Teams & Contacts section of the space.
  • Set your absence note and add a public out-of-office appointment to your Google calendar.
  • Make a vacation handover. You are accountable for ensuring that all tasks and issues have been handed over to your team.
  • Cancel your appointments (you can do this automatically through your out-of-office appointment in Google calendar.

Sickness / Absence


  • Send a message to your lead person (before the daily).
  • Cancel your appointments on that day.
  • Let your lead person know when you’re back.
  • If you are absent for a longer period of time, make a handover with your team if possible. You can also set an out-of-office appointment in your Google calendar that automatically declines your appointments.


The submission of the eAU (certificate of incapacity for work): GmbH: eAU mandatory after day 3. Thomann GmbH: you are obligated to provide an eAU at day 1.

If you report your illness via Kenjo, please always note whether an eAU is available or not. It's no longer necessary to upload an AU to Kenjo. The AU is now requested digitally by us from your health insurance companies. However, you still have the right to have the doctor provide you with the AU certificate in paper form, should there be any technical problems. Please always have this certificate issued to you and store it for at least one month.

If you need an overview of people on vacation or absent, you can use the calendar view in Kenjo.