Team events


  • each team member should participate in up to two team building events per year (excluding events like yearly kickoff or open space).
  • make sure at least one of your two events includes some sort of workshop/working together/reflection to become better in your day-to-day work.
  • examples to use the events with your team/unit/community are: team building, onsite retros, design thinking, product workshop, dining, lasertag, a bbq boat etc.
  • an event can be organized as a team, a unit, or a community, since not every person in our organization is part of a regular team.
  • look left and right when organizing an event. Is there somebody working closely with you who’s maybe lacking a team? Invite them!
  • we provide 100€ per person two times a year.
  • not included in the 100€: travel & accommodation. Book your train and hotels as usual and fill out the travel expense tool.
  • if relevant the team event should be held close to where the most team members are located, and must be within Germany.


  • Activities must be requested at least 14 days in advance.
  • Fill out the activity request form. You can find it pinned to the #news-slackcast channel.
  • Choose an activity manager for this event from your announced team.
  • Booking, reservation and payment of the team activity is done by the orga team.
  • Exception: restaurant visits with hospitality receipts. Unfortunately, restaurant visits cannot be paid in advance. That is why the activity manager lays out the amount. The activity manager then submits the hospitality receipt to the orga team for payment after the event. Attention: Always ask for a hospitality receipt (Bewirtungsbeleg) at the restaurant. This is necessary for the payback. For the reimbursement send a scan of your receipt to accounting directly after the team activity has taken place. Thereafter, you are required to hand over the original hospitality receipt in paper form to the persons in charge in the offices Erlangen and Berlin or send it per mail to the orga team.
  • Train and hotel bookings will be made as usual after the team activity booking has been completed.
  • Time tracking: put 10h of traveling into Kenjo or ask the person in charge at Thomann GmbH to put it in qtime (for Thomann GmbH employees). If the team event happens at your location of residence, track your normal maximum working hours (e.g. 8h standard)
  • Once you had a great time, share 1-2 photos and a short description for everyone in #news-slackcast