Code of conduct

To figure out what to do when things get tough, we created a code of conduct. Look at it as a little law book. It’s great if you never need it. But it’s cool to have it to settle arguments. It contains three sections.

The baseline to fulfill our mission is

  • to create empowered product teams
  • to create innovative products and solutions
  • to continuously deliver value for our organization

We are one team and are passionate about and our app. We put our shared goals first and are proud of our work from day one.

How we communicate

  • Honest & direct: We communicate honestly, openly, benevolent and transparent. We always tackle problems and challenges by being respectful, technical and positive. The direct approach is the best approach.
  • Sharing knowledge: If something's for the world to come, document it! Information shall be available for everyone.
  • Give feedback: We share positive feedback with the largest group possible: Unit → Team → 1:1. We share negative feedback with the smallest group possible: 1:1 → Team → Unit. Every team member is allowed to give feedback in any direction (360°). We reflect regularly and continuously on all levels.
  • No elephants or beating around bushes: This should not exist. If it does, however, we approach somebody who is able to support us handling and solving the situation.

Our way of work

  • Customers first: We focus our work on our customers, therefore it's customer first in each department.
  • One remote, all remote: A good meeting provides equal chances for every participant. If one team member joins remotely, all other participants shall join the meeting remotely and separately.
  • Let's be pioneers: We take a step further than other e-commerce companies. Our ideas, features, team and ways of work shall be an inspiration for others and set the bar high.
  • Minimal change: The smallest change shall be validated with real customers as fast as possible. A great foundation is better than a house no one wants to live in.
  • Continuous improvement: We constantly learn to improve quality and processes, while concentrating on our strengths as well as striving for autonomy and empowerment.
  • Have and feedback ideas: Each idea helps us improve. Therefore, they shall always be put in our Feedback Hub. Consult others and remember: the inside of the box might only be one perspective.
  • Take ownership: We work driven by solutions, quality, success, and data. The teams own their product (or product parts) and code. They are responsible and accountable. Each role contributes with their own skills.
  • Consult others: If we are unsure about making a decision, we seek help from experienced team members. This also helps us to feedback ideas and prepare them for our Feedback Hub. All team members are consultants for each other.
  • Work in teams: Our way of work is inspired by established processes. However, we own and adjust them when needed. We bank on long-term, cross-functional teams working location- and platform-independent.

No Gos

  • Hallway radio: We avoid hidden priorities, agendas, and the distribution of wet ink. What counts is communicated transparently and explicitly.
  • Getting stuck with your mindset: We avoid being biased. There is no "we've always done it this way" or "this will never work" without valid data and experience.
  • Hidden feelings: We don't hide our feelings. Bad feelings tend to bottle up. We don't want you to listen to My Chemical Romance.
  • Complexity & waste: We avoid unnecessary complexity on all levels. The most obvious solution tends to be the most reliable. Therefore, we try to reduce waste continuously.
  • Finger pointing: It's not your fault. Mistakes happen all the time. We support each other to have them only happen once and to improve ourselves. Nothing's just someone else's problem.
  • Talking about "the others:" We are one large team - Even though we all have different roles, there are no "others" in our team. We share one common goal and every team member contributes with their skills.
  • Head monopolies: We don't like them. Each head can fit some more of the other team members' knowledge.

Our position on politics

At, we are focused on building an economically successful and sustainable company. While we value diversity and inclusion, we aim to remain politically neutral in all aspects of our business operations. Our employees hold a diverse range of political views and opinions which we respect. However, we do not engage in political protests, campaigns or partisan discussions in the workplace. We do not discriminate against or take action against employees and potential candidates based on their nationality, personal political views or affiliations. Our goal is to foster an open environment where all employees feel comfortable being themselves, without having to walk on eggshells or self-censor. We have seen many companies suffer from taking partisan political stances, and believe it is in our best interest to remain neutral and focused on our business goals. At, we aim to judge our employees solely on their merits, talents and contributions to our company's mission.