Slack is our main communication tool. You can reach every team member of via Slack.


Using Slack can become confusing from time to time. That's why we try - especially in channels with more than two people and various topics - to answer questions in threads. This helps to keep the channels clean and to switch context between topics more easily.

Important channels

#announcements and #slackcast

#announcements is used for must-have/must-know information. Announcements made should always use the @Channel mention. Ask yourself: does everybody need to have this information right now?

#slackcast is used for should-have/should-know/nice-to-have information. For example all-over business context, information on workshops/team events that happened, progress of team projects, new people starting, old people leaving... Information provided here should either be posted without a mention or only use a weaker form such as mentioning a single team or @hier

Both channels are standard channels every newly added team member joins. If you haven't joined yet, please do so.

#thomann-universe, #tech-talk, #coffee-time and #bauchpinselei

#thomann-universe is used to connect all team members and all guests. It has no real communication purpose other than being able to contact all people we have in our slack workspace, regardless of being guests or workspace members.

Use the #tech-talk channel if you stumbled upon interesting news in tech that team members could be interested in.

If you find a really positive customer feedback, provide it to everybody in #bauchpinselei.

#coffee-time is a standard channel that helps you to connect to other team members. Every monday our coffee bot will match a new pair of team members to have a call in the current week.

Do not use @channel or @here mentions in these three channels. If you have important news that justify pinging everyone better choose #announcements or #slackcast.

#opsteam-support and #datateam-support

Any questions regarding our infrastructure or how to track data and receive it? Both channels help you to quickly connect with team members of our operations and of our data team. Remember: there are no stupid questions. If you’re asking yourself a question, chances are high someone else can also profit from an answer.

If your question is urgent, you can use the @datateam and @opsteam mentions. If you have a specific request it's best to put it in a Jira ticket.


This channel provides everyone with the option to ask for facilitation/moderation or to ask for workshops regarding agile, organizational engineering, product discovery such as design thinking and so on. Also, you can ask anything regarding these topics, and we can provide asynchronous counselling or feedback drawn form the expertise of all our coaches.