Stream-aligned teams

  • customer-centric to the users of our web shop and app
  • data- & metrics-driven
  • focus on domains, e.g. app, purchase experience, storefront, discovery

Stream-aligned teams combine roles from engineering, product, uiux, and agile to own parts of our web shop and app. They work together with service teams to succeed in their projects.

Platform teams

  • engineers and other internal roles as customers
  • focus on foundations, e.g. development experience, frontend experience, infrastructure, testing, data engineering

Platform teams usually have their competency in one unit. They build the foundation for our stream-aligned teams to succeed. They might also support other departments from Thomann.

Enabling teams

  • focus on consulting other teams and supporting them in achieving their goals
  • e.g. architects, operational support, data support

Switching teams

Should a team member not feel comfortable (like really uncomfortable) with their team, there's an option to switch teams. The highest priority here is to look for direct communication. There are some requirements for finding/forming a new team:

  1. Functioning teams must endure
  2. Teams must be able to develop features for their focus topic
  3. Teams should consist of people from multiple locations
  4. A new team constellation shall improve our product development

Making teams visible

Make sure your team has a blog post on This will help you introduce the team to your applicants. Important: You own the post. If your team changes, you must change the post as well.