X-Mas money

We pay a 13th salary together with the November salary.

Company pension scheme

We offer a company pension scheme (betriebliche Altersvorsorge) for all of our employees from Germany. You can top the employer contribution tax-free with money from your gross salary (regulations apply). From the employer side, we offer the following subsidies:

  • 0-2 years with the company (after probationary period): 50€/month
  • 2-5 years with the company: 75€/month
  • 5+ years with the company: 100€/month

Employee discount

You receive Thomann employee discount. The discount depends on a product's margin. The formula is "purchase price + 10% + VAT".

As an example: You'd like to buy a guitar for 800€. Our purchase price might be 450€. The easiest way to calculate: 450€ * 1.1 * 1.19 = 589.05€. This means you'd pay 589.05€ instead of 800€ for the instrument.

If the margin is too tight, it might make more sense to pay the normal price.

How to order: You can get the price in Slack by writing a message to our Cookie bot. All you have to type is employeeprice articlenumber, e.g. employeeprice 123456 and you get the price. In case the Cookie bot is down, you can ask the people from Treppendorf marketing backoffice, e.g. Alina for a price.

For the first order you take as an employee please use the comment field in the checkout to write down the following information “Employee at; Account no.: {Your customer account number}“, which will then be stored within your customer data, so that you can simply take discounted orders automatically in the future. Make sure to select payment by invoice since the discount won't be deducted in the checkout and your order (your identity respectively) checked for eligibility.


We try to fulfill your wishes regarding working equipment. Make sure you have a look at delivery times, though. Having no computer in your first couple of weeks shouldn't be an option to strive for.


We offer regular systemic coaching with an external coach. If you need someone to listen to you, to provide a different perspective, or to challenge your ideas and thoughts, just sign up for a session. You find the sign up link in the #coaching-with-sabrina Slack channel.

Sport/Food etc.

In Treppendorf there's a gym and a canteen. The gym is brand new and offers everything you can think of. The canteen, our, offers warm meals during the day and you get employee discount on food and drinks.

For remote positions/other offices: we have a cooperation with urban sports club and a discounted membership for employees. With urban sports club you have many possibilities to take part in sports activities in your area.

Corporate benefits

For those of you who are also interested in buying from different shops we also have a cooperation with Corporate Benefits. With Corporate Benefits you´ll receive ongoing attractive offers from famous brands, which you can redeem in online shops or also in store directly on site. You can easily sign up with you email address at Mitarbeiterangebote.

Referral program

If you have the right candidate for one of our vacancies: talk to her/him and introduce her/him to the recruiting team. If everything works out and it comes to a hire, you will receive 1000 Euro after the newbie has passed the probationary period (6 months).

You get the bonus for all successfully placed full-time team members (working student positions are excluded).

Any questions? Then get in touch with the P&C team.

English and German lessons with native speakers

English is our main working language across the whole company. To help everyone to make the transition, we have regular training sessions in small groups led by a native-speaking English coach.

Having English as our everyday language has allowed our team to become even more multicultural and diverse and makes it easier to work across borders.

If you already feel comfortable with your English skills, we also offer German lessons led by a native-speaking German coach.

You can join the #english-course or the #german-course Slack channels and take part in one of the groups.