Structure within teams

Most of our operational teams follow a certain structural pattern. This consists of an Ikigai relationship between engineering managers, agile coaches, and product owners or, in some teams, project managers. This structure is thought to help cover the most important topics in a team.

Product owners or project managers (effectiveness)

Their main question is: are we doing the right thing?

  • Align with business goals
  • Track business metrics, e.g. no. of checkouts, cvr, aov
  • Prioritize customer and stakeholder requirements

Agile coaches (efficiency)

Their main question is: are we doing things right?

  • Coach teams to maturity and performance (mission statement agile community)
  • Track agile metrics, e.g cycle time, waiting times, bottle necks, wip
  • Support team roles & stakeholders to work in an agile context

Engineering managers (skills & tech strategy)

Their main question is: do we have everything in our team to do it?

  • Development of team members personally
  • Keep tracking of required skills
  • Ensure technical excellence

Although the roles have their focus areas, they need to be connected and in frequent exchange with each other to support their team members in creating the highest value for their customers/stakeholders.

Structure within teams