Mission / Vision

Mission statement Thomann

To inspire and enable people to speak music, everywhere.

Purpose / Vision thomann.io

To create the most inspiring online shopping experience for musicians.


Currently, our product vision focuses on musicians, new international customers, and beginners. We want to inspire them. Make people feel like home and safe, even if we don’t sell & ship from their country. And we want to help everyone find their first or next - but always right - instrument.


We put our customers first. Always. It’s our obligation to make them happy. We do this by a huge range of products, great product presentation, and as much comfort as possible. We help our customers compare products. We recommend products and we provide guidance to find the right product.

Business Values

While increased revenue and growth is always a great factor for success, it’s not the only thing we measure and value. We strive for the love of our customers. We want to foster young-and-coming talents. We try to create long-term relationships. Our task is to have customers put Thomann equal to making music.

Strategy & Company Backlog

Thomann uses a company backlog to align strategic projects between departments and to keep track of what's going on at a high flight level transparently. You can find the backlog linked in our thomann.io change blog. In the strategy & performance section of the blog, you can also find an article describing our current strategy. It's not public, so you should definitely apply for a job with us!