First steps & what awaits you

Welcome to the team. We're thrilled that you're on board. Arrive calmly, sit back and let us surprise you.

In the first few weeks, you should find your way around and get to know people. To help you do that, you have a wonderful support system by your side: your buddy, lead, team and of course P&C and the agile coaches. In other words, a bunch of nice people who will introduce you to the cosmos.

To help you celebrate your first successes quickly, you will be given your first tasks in the first few weeks. These should also help you to get in touch with your new team. In addition to the professional exchange, we would also like to get to know you personally. You can look forward to many coffee calls.

To help you figure out what we expect, you will get everything clarified in the first week in an extra expectations meeting with your lead. But then it's up to you: we love feedback, so keep it coming! What can we do better? A fresh pair of eyes is always good. Don't hold back and exchange ideas with your buddy and the P&C unit. Within your first quarter the P&C unit will come to you to find out how you are doing and how the recruiting/onboarding process went.

After 3 months, you should know the most important contacts at Thomann Cosmos. Use the regular exchange with your colleagues for knowledge exchange, feedback or just to chat about the weather.

Onboarding buddies

Your buddy will help you find your way around the

They will coordinate your first meetings and introduce you to the people you’ll work close with everyday.

You and your buddy will hold regular feedback sessions in the first 6 months and beyond to make sure you can arrive in your new role properly.

Your buddy is the #1 go-to person for any questions. By the way, there are no stupid questions. But you already know this.

In addition, people & culture will ask you for feedback and any concerns during your first 6 months.


Once you start your lead will share expectations for the first months with you. In some occasions, they might be shared by your onboarding buddy. After half of your probationary period (usually 3 months), you and your lead will talk about these expectations, if they are met, and what still needs some work. Your onboarding buddy will also attend this meeting. Prepare the meeting together with your buddy. Make sure, you are transparent about where you need help or if there's some expectation that might not fit your role. After your probationary period, you will then have your first appraisal interview.