How we work

remote, distributed, together (guidelines, tooling)

Our main communication tool is Slack. Use Slack status to communicate your availability. The easiest way is on-/offline. We provide a few other status messages, e.g. when you’re in a meeting, in a work tunnel, on break, sick or on vacation. Make sure to set them accordingly.

When we work

We rely on self-organized groups of individuals that know when and how to get their best work done. A team also decides how much overlap they need to collaborate.

We aim for 40 hours a week (for a full-time employee). This helps us focus on what's important. Each team and individual know best when to work. We have no fixed schedule.

We emphasize a healthy routine for everyone. That includes having a life outside of work and getting a good amount of sleep. That's the best productivity hack you can get.

There may be exceptions, but they stay exceptions. We act proactive. If we exceed these hours regularly, we figure out the issue and solve it. That can mean recruiting more people, fixing a flawed process, or something else.


Most teams plan and work in iterations of 2 weeks and release as often as possible. “Done” means our customers use it.


Every team has some form of a daily or weekly update meeting. All of gathers once a month for the Assembly. This is our all-hands update format.


Our product teams show their progress and achievements each iteration to product management. They invite the whole team when useful.

Review 1

#review-1 is used by all teams that will present something new to everybody (colleagues, stakeholders, customers). Reviews take place every week (check the team calendar for details) and are open to join for everybody. Each product team has a 30 to 60 minute slot to show the last weeks’ progress and share thoughts with stakeholders and colleagues from other teams. It is the responsibility of all product teams to prepare the review, invite stakeholders and update all non-attending team members on what’s been shared.

Review 2

  • Voluntarily, every Wednesday 14-15.00, already scheduled in the calendar.
  • Goal of the appointment: Product Lead feedback on iteration results.
  • Will take place in a new slack channel #review-2. Just join our head of product in the huddle at the according times.


Each team is obligated to reflect regularly. Retrospectives and project recaps are our means of choice. If your team does not have a coach of its own, please contact the agile community for support.