How we work

remote, distributed, together

Our main communication tool is Slack. Use Slack status to communicate your availability. The easiest way is on-/offline. We provide a few other status messages, e.g. when you’re in a meeting, in a work tunnel, on break, sick or on vacation. Make sure to set them accordingly.

Working locations

Working at different locations within your country of residence is possible at any time. Please make sure that you have all the necessary conditions for your work at these locations e.g. strong internet connection.

Working from EU countries can be discussed individually at any time. Please contact your lead and the people & culture team to find a suitable solution.

When we work

We rely on self-organized groups of individuals that know when and how to get their best work done. A team also decides how much overlap they need to collaborate.

We aim for 40 hours a week (for a full-time employee). This helps us focus on what's important. Each team and individual know best when to work. We have no fixed schedule.

We emphasize a healthy routine for everyone. That includes having a life outside of work and getting a good amount of sleep. That's the best productivity hack you can get.

There may be exceptions, but they stay exceptions. We act proactive. If we exceed these hours regularly, we figure out the issue and solve it. That can mean recruiting more people, fixing a flawed process, or something else.

Iterations & flow

Most teams plan and work in iterations of 2 weeks or in a constant flow. They release as often as possible. “Done” means our customers use it.


Every team has some form of a daily or weekly update meeting. All of gathers once a quarter for the Assembly. This is our all-hands update format.


Our product teams show their progress and achievements each iteration to product management. They invite the whole team when useful. More infos on our reviews can be found here.


Each team is obligated to reflect regularly. Retrospectives and project recaps are our means of choice. If your team does not have a coach of its own, please get in touch with the agile unit for support.

One department of many

Whenever it is necessary to succeed in your project, do not hesitate to connect with other Thomann departments. Expert knowledge can be found were the experts are. Connecting to others also helps you to build your network within the company.