360° Feedback

A great feedback culture lives from having the option to give feedback any time, any place. And even though this is great, it is important to provide regular, obligatory formats to collect and give feedback.

Appraisal interview

Once a year, you will have a classical performance review with your lead person. A person from the P&C team will attend to support in taking notes and as a neutral third party. You’ll get feedback, set a vision for your role(s), and decide upon goals to achieve and things to learn. Here’s also the place to talk about maturity levels and skills.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

In detail, we'll talk about the following points. Please prepare them from your perspective.

  • Your current situation within your team and within thomann.io
  • From your perspective: what went well, what didn't over the last 12 months (post-probation interview: since your start, think about what you learned and how well your onboarding went)
  • From your lead's perspective: what went well, what didn't over the last 12 months (post-probation interview: since your start)
  • Your near future at work and where you plan to be in the long run
  • Which goals you want to set yourself for the 12 months (these goals should further you as well as thomann.io)
  • If you have goals set from a year ago: recap on how they worked out (or didn't)
  • Which trainings you participated and want to participate in the next 12 months

People and culture update

Our P&C team offers an open ear to anybody in the team. If there’s something you’d like to talk about, just approach a person from the people and culture unit. This appointment is not obligatory but highly recommended. You can talk about your current situation within thomann.io. You can use it to talk about things you may not want to share with your lead person. Or just to get another perspective on how to achieve your goals or organize a training.


1:1s shall be used for continuous feedback, e.g. recapping your peer feedback session or where to go next on your journey through thomann.io. You can also use it to address obstacles in your daily business and to get advice on how to cope with challenges. Another important aspect is to feedback your lead person and address issues that are important to you.

Peer feedback

Once a year, you have to organize at least 2 peer feedback sessions.

  1. a talk with a team member you work together a lot (approx. 80% of your time). Let them answer the questions below.
  2. a talk with a team member you spend less time with (approx. 20% of your time). Let them answer the questions below.


  1. What did I contribute to Thomann.io in the last 6-12 months?
  2. What do you appreciate working with me?
  3. From your perspective: In which areas should I grow to develop myself?

You can do your sessions reciprocal, interviewing each other. But make sure the second person is not biased from the first interview round. Make sure to talk with your lead about the peer feedback results.

Important note for the 20%-team-members: short feedback is fine. Don't worry to not have as much content as an 80%-team-member. Not observing negativity can be a positive feedback as well.

Probationary period

You will receive feedback within your probationary period. Refer to the onboarding section for more information.


All templates for the official interviews can be found in Kenjo in the Smart Docs section.