We show ourselves to other team members

We are a large department already. Working fully remote doesn't make it any easier to find your way around as a newbie or when looking for people you haven't worked with in a while.

Profile pictures & clear names

Set a profile picture in at least Slack and Kenjo in your first week of work. Google Workplace is a bonus everyone will thank you for when configuring access rights. Make sure the picture shows your face for others to recognize.

For Slack and Kenjo use your full name as profile name and display name. In your Slack profile, add your role & team in the title section.

This helps everyone, to find their way around our organization.


Some team members are often referred to by their nicknames. If you are one of these lucky people, please put your nickname in quotation marks between your first- and lastname, i.e. Firstname "Nickname" Lastname. This is the easiest way to search for you. You only need to apply your nickname in Slack.

Default: camera on

Video killed the radio star at some point. Our default in all calls is to have your camera turned on. There might be exceptions with bad internet connection, e.g. when traveling, or personal well-being.