Career development

To make it as simple and transparent as possible for each team member to decide for next steps in their career, we created a career development handbook. It's accessible for all team members and includes all templates and process descriptions for career development and salary. You can find it as Career Development & Salary Process in your shared drives.

Important to know: each team member is responsible for their own career. Your manager is not supposed to run after you to develop your career. While the process is highly collaborative, initiation best comes from yourself.

Career development conversation

Once a year, a team member and their lead person will conduct a career development conversation. From a legal perspective, this reflects the yearly performance review, appraisal interview, or whatever you want to call it. It is split into a few different phases, consisting of a self-assessment, peer-feedback talks, the actual conversation with your lead, and if applicable a salary adjustment.

Your lead will share all necessary documents with you during the process and guide you through all your questions. Especially when you're new to the process, make sure to use a copy of the checklist document. If you have questions about your career development during the year, feel free to reach out to your lead or a team member from people and culture.