Bitwarden is the password manager at You can save personal and organization related passwords.

Personal Vault

You will get one personal vault named "My vault" where you can store your personal passwords.

Organization Vault

You will get one organization vault named "" where you can store and share group accounts with your team and in the organization.


A folder is for your own password organisation, that means that only you can see this folder structure.


A collection is like a team folder, every team will get one team collection where they can share passwords. If you put a password inside of this collection, all team members which are assigned to this collection will be able to see this password. One password can be in multiple collections, this means you can share one item multiple times with different teams if needed. The operations team is managing the collection structure, thus if you need something please contact the #support-opsteam channel in Slack.

Do I have to use this password manager

We do not check if everyone is using Bitwarden as a password manager but if you are storing organization related passwords somewhere you have to use it.

If you have further questions, please take a look into our tutorial video in our Bitwarden Confluence page or contact the operations team in the #support-opsteam Slack channel.