Organizational structure

The organizational structure takes place within units and helps us to clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities.

Though, not every level is filled in each unit, we decided to define a structure similar to many companies in our field and not reinvent the wheel on this one.


levelexample roles
Individual contributorEngineer, PO
Manager (multiple stages)Engineering manager
Senior managerno roles yet
Unit LeadDesign lead, lead agile coach
DirectorDirector product
ChiefChief digital officer


A role‘s responsibilities are the accountabilities of the next level. For some roles in our units there might be additional responsibilities and accountabilities. This overview, however, provides information on what is applicable for these levels company-wide.

Individual contributor

Responsible for

  • Executing assigned tasks effectively and efficiently
  • Collaborating with their team members and other teams within the organization
  • Reporting their progress and providing feedback on ongoing projects
  • Continuously improving their skills and staying updated with industry trends
  • Adhering to company policies and guidelines


Responsible for

  • Guiding teams on functional choices
  • Overseeing the value stream
  • Facilitating personal growth of their team members
  • Collaborating with other teams, such as product management and quality assurance
  • Taking care of disciplinary matters, like salary and vacation

Senior manager



Responsible for

  • Establishing and monitoring performance metrics and delivery goals
  • Addressing challenges and streamlining processes
  • Ensuring coordination with other teams and units within the organization
  • Recruiting and managing team members
  • Facilitating regular communication across team members, directors, and stakeholders


Responsible for

  • Sharing the organizational mission and answer questions in regard to it
  • Ensuring the alignment of division objectives with the organization's overall strategy
  • Managing budgets, resources, and unit leads
  • Collaborating with other divisions and business units

Chief digital officer

Responsible for

  • Developing and implementing a cohesive digital strategy
  • Overseeing technology investments and innovation initiatives
  • Ensuring cross-functional collaboration to promote digitization
  • Identifying areas for digitization and automation
  • Managing digital partnerships and alliances