Google Workspace

Our documents, spreadsheets and presentations are created with the tools by Google.


Google Workspace provides you with access to your inbox. When you start your job with us or change your role, make sure you adjust your signature. The signature template can be found here.

  • The signature is HTML, copy&paste it by using “select all/cmd+a shortcut” and paste it into the signature field of gmail. Apple Mail works if you uncheck the "use standard fonts" checkbox. It's preferred that you use Gmail directly, though.
  • There are a couple of placeholders (name, role, phone, email, and external company) - make sure you fill what’s applicable and delete what’s not.
  • For our folks employed at CP or Sunlab - due to legal reasons, you need your real company name behind your role. Put it in brackets, e.g. (Sunlab GmbH)
  • Set the signature for new emails and answers/forwards


We use Google calendars for our appointments. Make sure you take care of your calendar, so other team members can rely on booking appointments with you on free slots. Find more information about appointments in the how we work section of the handbook.

If there's a sharing issue with one of our calendars, you can find the calendar IDs for manual integration in Confluence.

Sharing documents & Google groups

There are some shared drives, e.g. for presentation templates. Our preferred way of collaborating on docs is to store them in shared drives that can be accessed by everyone that needs access and belong to nobody in particular. To simplify sharing (but also invites or emails to larger groups) make sure you use groups. This helps us to manage access and grant transparency way better than on an individual level. If you need a new group and don't have rights to create one yourself, create a ticket for the ops team via Jira.

An example: if you onboard a new team member and at it to a specific group, e.g. engineering, the calendar will automatically show all appointments were this group is invited.