Your career at

In this section, you'll learn which career paths you can choose from and how our feedback culture works.

Basics: Seniority and soft skills

Regardless your career path, there are a couple of general expectations tied to your personal seniority. We're not into the big title game but this overview helps you to understand what behavior we expect when placing people in their according roles.

Our career development is structured in basic seniority levels. Depending on the unit you'll be working in, there might be different numbers of stages, e.g. 2 as a junior, 2-3 as a senior. Depending on the size of your unit, there might also be different seniority levels, e.g. the engineering unit has a staff level, whereas others do not (yet).

Trainee/working student/intern

At this stage, you'll be making your first steps within your subject area. You'll acquire some basic knowledge and start to know what you're talking about.

We expect you to be curious and to ask a lot of questions proactively.


You have basic knowledge in your subject area. You take over projects on your own. You still ask more questions than you're able to answer.

Junior Stage 1: Basic communication skills, teamwork, learning agility, adaptability, time management, and respect for diversity.

Junior Stage 2: Advanced communication skills, basic conflict resolution, decision-making, goal setting, problem-solving skills, and improved learning agility.

Mid level

You have extended knowledge in your subject area. You take over projects on your own. You can answer more questions than you have to ask.

Mid-level Stage 1: Advanced conflict resolution, effective feedback skills, empathetic listening, creative thinking, and self-motivation.

Mid-level Stage 2: Leadership skills, project management, negotiation, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Mid-level Stage 3: Delegation, coaching, advanced leadership skills, advanced project management, and change management.


You have expert knowledge in your subject area. You function as a mentor for new team members in your subject area through onboarding, sparring or teaching. You are able to prioritize tasks in accordance with our customers and product vision and help others to do so as well.

Senior Stage 1: Advanced strategic thinking, crisis management, mentoring, resilience, and influencing skills.

Senior Stage 2: Advanced influencing skills, diplomacy, organizational skills, stakeholder management, and vision setting.

Senior Stage 3: Advanced organizational skills, decision-making in ambiguity, advanced vision setting, cultivating a culture of respect and integrity, and servant leadership.


You have expert knowledge in your subject area and a great understanding of company-wide business initiatives. You connect the dots across units, teams, and communities.

Staff Stage 1: Executive communication, succession planning, advanced diplomacy, advanced stakeholder management, and advanced servant leadership.

Staff Stage 2: Visionary leadership, strategic partnerships, shaping company culture, thought leadership, and advanced succession planning.