Learning & development

So, you want to skill up and learn some new things? Great! As part of our learning & development opportunities, each team member is eligible for an external training or conference up to 1,500 EUR per year.

The only requirements are that:

  1. It is something that will help you grow within your role and expertise
  2. Your manager approves it
  3. You are permanently employed, i.e. not a working student, intern, or similar
  4. The training takes place in your country of residence and does not require air travel (if one of both does not apply, your manager has to consult your unit's director for approval)

After that, the process is fairly simple:

  1. Write an email to our orga team, with your manager in CC, and explain which course you want to take/which book you want to buy/which conference you want to attend/etc.
  2. Orga will book it on your behalf. In case they are unable to book it on your behalf, we may be able to reimburse you after you purchase it yourself, but please talk to us about this option first.
  3. Once you've completed your training, feel free to share some content & insights in our workshops & learning shared drive.

Additional external trainings need approval from your unit lead and the respective director.

Happy learning!


From time to time, different workshops for different audiences will be offered. Some formats we do on a regular basis are for example workshops on how to give/receive feedback or introductions to design thinking. There is a shared drive pinned to #news-slackcast where team members can share material from interesting workshops for everyone. If you have something, put it in there. Create a folder that follows the format YYYY-MM-DD-workshop-title-trainer-name and move your files in it.

E1T1 (Each1Teach1)

E1T1 is a format where colleagues can share their knowledge with and practice public speaking in front of colleagues. You can talk about any topics related to Thomann, or about technology. You can decide how you want to do it (a presentation, a workshop, a talk, etc.). The duration is typically one hour, and it takes place monthly on the last Friday. It's meant as a voluntary format to spend lunch together. Here is the link to the backlog of topics. Please contact Anne, if you have a topic or questions.