Our Year

Yearly kickoff

Each year has its own story. Our yearly kickoff is an all-hands meeting to tell the team what challenges to solve.


Our all-hands format. Once a month, async.

Open Space

A day for team-wide knowledge sharing. Bring in your own ideas and topics. The usual tracks are tech, product, meta, music. There'll also be workshops, hackathons, and team building. It usually happens in person.

Christmas Business

October 15 marks the traditional start of Christmas business in e-commerce. This is when we enter the phase of showing our prettiest faces and a polished user experience.

Team/Unit Events

Get to meet your peers, your team members, your unit members. Check with your lead or your team on how and when to organize events. Feel free to rent a boat on Spree river, visit a drip stone cave, or go for Mario Kart like go-kart. Check the guideslines section for more information.

E1T1 (Each1Teach1)

E1T1 is a format where colleagues can share their knowledge with and practice public speaking in front of colleagues. You can talk about any topics related to Thomann, or about technology. You can decide how you want to do it (a presentation, a workshop, a talk, etc.). The duration is typically one hour, and it takes place monthly on the last Friday. It's meant as a voluntary format to spend lunch together. Here is the link to the backlog of topics. Please contact Anne, if you have a topic or questions.